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Be part of this unique opportunity to leverage your kills, collaborate with a team of capable fellow designers, and be mentored by IterateUX experts in UX.
You will experience a boost in your knowledge on UX process, user-centred design, problem-solving, and collaboration.

What is Design Challenge
Level Up Your 

Design Skills
Practice solving
Expand your portfolio with case studies
Get Real world experience with Companies
Get Mentorship and experts review
Learn Collaboration with the teams
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UI Design Challenge
User Research Challenge
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IUX Challenges
A Design Challenge is a project to evaluate your approach on a design problem by applying your design skills to real-world scenarios.
UX Designer Challenge Aug-Sep 2023
IterateUX Design Challenge is unique and well-valued by our participants. Our 6-week UX design challenge is what you need to speed up your learning in UX.
Learn research, ideation, prototyping, and storytelling. Win with cutting-edge, user-centric projects!
UX Design
Feb - Mar 2023
UX Research
Aug - Sep 2022
UI Design
May 2022
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⚠️ Challenge dates change
We have modified the dates of the next challenge. 
We'll announce shortly the new changes.
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Past Design Challenges

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Accessibility Design
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UX Research Challenge

5 weeks Challenge - October 2022
Accessibility Design
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UX Design Workshops
UI Design Challenge
Selected Case Studies

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Where can I find the job description that I’m applying for?
You will be able to find the job description through out the application or the PDF here(link to PDF).
What is the Interview Mockup at IterateUX?
Interview Mockup simulates a real-world UX design interview process to help UX designers prepare for job interviews by providing realistic interview scenarios. A UX interview session includes behavior interviews, portfolio presentations, and take-home assignments.
Are there any prerequisites for Job Seekers?
The Interview Mockup is designed to prepare you for real-world interviews. To get started, ensure you have an updated resume, a polished LinkedIn profile, and a portfolio featuring at least three case studies.
When does the event take place?
The next Interview Mockup is scheduled for October 2024. If you're ready to participate as a Job Seeker, be sure to pre-register as there are only four spots available.
How do I pay?
After passing the application review, you will receive payment details in a confirmation email. Once payment is completed, IterateUX will begin pairing you with a UX recruiter, hiring manager, and senior designer.
What if I have questions during an interview session?
As a Job Seeker: you can ask directly during the session as you have your mic and camera on. The stage is yours, we encourage you to leverage the opportunity to ask questions that will enhance your interview techniques. As an observer: Although your mic will be set as off, you can discuss and ask questions in the discord channel at [#Inteview mockup channel link]
What should I do if I suddenly can't attend after applying as a Job Seeker?
After passing the application review, you will receive a confirmation email with payment details. If you decide to stop the application before making the payment, please inform us via email.
Can I cancel and get a refund after payment completes?
Refunds are not available if you cancel the Interview Mockup after payment. However, we can reschedule you for the next Interview Mockup series. You are allowed to reschedule your Interview Mockup only once. If you decide not to attend the rescheduled session, you will be eligible for a 50% refund.
Can I cancel or re-schedule in the middle of Interview Mockup sessions?
Once the Interview Mockup has begun, you cannot cancel or reschedule to postpone the next session. No refunds will be issued for no-shows.
What preparations are required for attending the Interview Mockup?
To participate, you'll require a Zoom account, access to a laptop or computer, as well as a microphone and camera for your presentation.
What if I can't answer observers' questions?
We acknowledge that having people observe can be nerve-wracking. However, this is intentional, aiming to prepare you for interviews involving multiple participants. Observers can only watch during the Interview Mockup. If they have any questions, they can ask them in the Discord channel.
How many Observers will be in the same zoom room?
A maximum of 25 individuals can attend the Interview Mockup as Observers. If you're interested in attending as an observer, please monitor the Discord channel closely as each Interview Mockup session has limited spots available.
What do I do if I forgot to pay after I got the confirmation email?
Upon receiving the confirmation email with payment details, you will have a window of three business days to complete the payment. After this period, the payment details will expire, and you will need to reapply for the application.