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 Portfolio interview

 A portfolio review in UX (User Experience) refers to the process of evaluating and assessing a designer's or researcher's body of work, typically presented in a portfolio format, to gauge their skills, experience, and suitability for a UX- related role.

This review is often conducted by hiring managers, recruiters, or seasoned professionals in the field. 

Encourage interviewees to prepare 2 case studies.

Behavioral interview

A behavioral interview assesses candidates' fit for a job by examining past actions and outcomes through the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result), guiding more predictive hiring decisions.

 Take home assignment

 A take-home assignment in UX (User Experience) is a task or project given to job applicants during the hiring process to assess their skills, problem- solving abilities, and approach to UX design or research. Take home assignments allow candidates to work on a project at their own pace within a maximum 8 hours timeframe, and present design solution to stakeholder and answer questions.

Whiteboard Challenge

Whiteboarding is a practice of using a digital whiteboard to visually sketch and illustrate ideas, concepts, and design solutions during the UX design process.Interviewees will be asked questions and answer questions in real- time.It's a collaborative and iterative technique commonly used by UX designers to brainstorm, communicate, and refine ideas quickly.

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