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Our platform is dedicated to facilitating the growth of UX designers of all levels, from beginners to Junior professionals’ development to Seniors and Staff professionals who are looking to build & enhance their soft skills.

Why mentor with IUX?

We care

We deeply care about our UX community. In true UX fashion, we take time to learn from all our users!

Invest in the future

Your desire to give back to the community is strongly needed - it’s so valuable to invest in the future of our UX field!

Strong impact

Build strong relationships with your mentees, help them to achieve their goals, and feel rewarded in your professional life as you make a positive impact in others’ journeys!

Practice public speaking

Practice your public speaking skills with our events - online and in-person!
Build personal branding
You will receive recognition for your performance in social media.
So don't hesitate – join the team today and start making an impact!

How it works

People come first from the moment we meet.
Tell us about your skills and aspirations.Explore the opportunities that speak to your journey.
Apply as a mentor
Check out the mentor application form and see if the details align with your goals. Submit the application with required information about your experience & interest.
We reviews the application
Your application will be reviewed by a dedicated team. If the information meets our needs, we will contact you to schedule a screening interview with a recruiter.
First screening interview
Our IUX Recruiter wil connect with you to arrange the first interview. This is our chance to get to know each other. We want to know about your goals, skills, strengths, interests, and so on.
Meet with IUX Founder
If the screening outcome is a good fit, we will make you an offer that includes the structure and official information about volunteers at IterateUX.
We will welcome you as a member of the team, walk you through the mentor process, and you will be able to begin working with your fellow mentor teammates & mentees.

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I recently joined the community to have a better point of view on User Interface and User Experience. As a junior Designer, I wanted to upgrade my skills in Design Procedures, to have a better understanding of User Experience and User Interface which will help me enhance my skills and help me to have a Permanent Career.
UX/UI Designer
Within my first week, I found an awesome group of people that worked together to create and complete our own case study to user on our portfolios. I knew none of them before joining and now feel so comfortable working with them. I'm part of a few other UX groups, but none of them have helped me feel like I belong and can reach out for help like IterateUX does.
Aspiring UX/UI Designer
The precious and professional communication from every without reservation is constructive. The event weekly with different topics are also very helpful, especially for a beginner.
Aspiring UX/UI Designer

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