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IterateUX is a global UX community (Designers, Researchers, Engineers, Writers, and Managers) from different levels and backgrounds. Our community is focused on learning, collaborating, and networking in a welcoming environment to help each other expand their UX career.
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Design Challenges
A Design Challenge is a project to evaluate your approach on a design problem by applying your design skills to real-world scenarios.
For those who are interested in working on a design challenge, we are planning to set up a "UX Design Challenge" to evaluate how successfully you tackle design problems. By applying your design talents to industry-relevant user experience design fields and add more case studies that companies want to see in the portfolios.
UX Design
Feb - Mar 2023
UX Research
Aug - Sep 2022
UI Design
May 2022
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I recently joined the community to have a better point of view on User Interface and User Experience. As a junior Designer, I wanted to upgrade my skills in Design Procedures, to have a better understanding of User Experience and User Interface which will help me enhance my skills and help me to have a Permanent Career.
UX/UI Designer
Within my first week, I found an awesome group of people that worked together to create and complete our own case study to user on our portfolios. I knew none of them before joining and now feel so comfortable working with them. I'm part of a few other UX groups, but none of them have helped me feel like I belong and can reach out for help like IterateUX does.
Aspiring UX/UI Designer
The precious and professional communication from every without reservation is constructive. The event weekly with different topics are also very helpful, especially for a beginner.
Aspiring UX/UI Designer

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